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Faceprint: Uses and misuses of facial recognition technology
Biometric identification – personal data like fingerprints or faceprints – are commonly used in our everyday lives, like unlocking phones.

But advancements in facial recognition technology mean it can now process our biometric data at scale and speed for untold uses, presenting a heightened risk to human rights.

Red flags have already been raised about facial recognition technologies in surveillance and policing, in replicating and intensifying racial and gender bias, and how adverse outcomes disproportionately affect marginalised communities.

Are our existing laws equipped to respond to the uses and misuses of biometric information? How can we ensure our society is equipped to recognise and respond to the potentially harmful uses of this technology – not just the designed uses?


• Aaina Agarwal, AI / Human rights lawyer
• Duncan Anderson, Executive Director, Strategic Priorities and Identity, NSW Police Force
• Amanda Robinson, Co-founder & Director, Humanitech
• Dr Niels Wouters, Senior Design Researcher, Paper Giant
• Facilitated by Ed Santow, Industry Professor – Responsible Technology, UTS

Accessibility: This webinar will be live captioned.
Please email events.socialjustice@uts.edu.au to discuss how we can support access requirements.

Dec 8, 2021 01:00 PM in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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